Disconcerted Man


He cannot remember his lines let alone anyone else’s. What is wrong with his brain? Oh yeah. He banged the palm of his right hand against the side of his head. He wasn’t alright. As hard as he tried to hide it, eventually they would find out. Contractually he had to finish the play. If he didn’t, it would be the end of his career and his finances.

“Memorize. Memorize. Mesmerize. Dramatize.” He rambled out loud. The knock on his door interrupted his speech. Her head poked around the corner and his hands went to his knees, head turning up to her, his face bright.

“Rehearsal, five minutes Tony.”

“Thanks, Rachael.”

He turned to the mirror, alone again. Leaning back in his chair, arms crossed against his chest, his eyes squinnied and his head nodded to the man in the mirror. He knew the answer to his problem. Would he remember to pull it off?

August 31, 2017

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt; Memorize


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