Where does the anxiety come from? She doesn’t understand it. She put the book down, not gently, not hard. She got two pages in on this one. That’s a six-month record. She needs to finish her book, her writing, not the pages of another. It’s late, she’s alone, kids are asleep, the husband is away on business. A movie is on the t.v. One she has seen twenty times. Just another distraction. If she shuts it off it will be too quiet. She cannot write, her mind is unsettled. She cannot read, the movie is too loud. Her stomach hurts. Anxiety or is she hungry? She needs to write. Her work, it’s crap. Everyone else’s is superior. She feels guilt for reading others work and not finishing hers. They say read, read, read. Read to discover what you like, how you want to write. How is she supposed to do that if she cannot get past the first page of any book? It’s hard to read other people’s work when you’re trying to be a writer. Why? Self-doubt? Jealousy? The anxiety is making her stomach hurt. She needs to write but isn’t in the mood. It’s always like this at first, then she finds her groove. The anxiety finds it’s Rhyme.

August 29, 2017

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt; Rhyme


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